The 24 Qualified Teams for the 2021 AFCON and Their Nicknames

24 Qualified Teams for the 2021 AFCON

Africa’s biggest soccer fiesta will get underway when the 33rd African Cup of Nations commences on the 9th of January, 2022 in Cameroon. About 24 African countries drawn from various parts of the continent will do battle for the duration of the 3 weeks plus that the tournament will hold. African teams are known for having unique nicknames, and these qualified 24 are no different. Continue reading as we introduce the various teams and their corresponding nicknames.

Group A


Nickname: Indomitable Lions

The Cameroonian national team is renowned for their domineering and never say die style of football that strives to rule the continent. It’s no surprise then that they are known as the Indomitable Lions.

Burkina Faso

Nickname: Les Etalons (The Stallions)

Burkina Faso are one of the up-and-coming teams on the continent. The Stallions will be hoping to breeze past their competition.


Nickname: Walia Ibex

The Ethiopian national team gets its nickname from the species of mountain goat found in the country.

Cape Verde

Nickname: Tubaroes Azuis (Blue)

This Island football nation will be hoping to gobble up their opponents in this edition of the tournament.

Group B


Nickname: The Lions of Teranga

The Senegalese national will be hoping to emerge, king of the Jungle, this time.


Nickname: The Warriors

They will be hoping to defend the honor of their land.


Nickname: Syli Nationale (National Elephants)

Guinea will hope they can trample all competition.


Nickname: The Flames

They will try to burn all opposition before them.

Group C


Nickname: Atlas Lions

The Moroccans will be counting on their team to roar into the final.


Nickname: Black Stars

Gotten from the symbol on their national flag the Ghanaians will be hoping their star shines the brightest.


Nickname: Les Coelacantes (The Coelacanths)

The nickname of the Comoros national team is gotten from a species of fish. They are making their debut at the 2021 AFCON.


Nickname: The Panthers

The Gabonese national team gets its’ nickname from one of the big cats on the continent.

24 Qualified Teams for the 2021 AFCON

Group D


Nickname: The Super Eagles

Nigeria will be hoping they can soar above all competition.


Nickname: The Pharaohs

The Egyptians will be hoping to live up to their alias to rule the continent once again.


Nickname: Falcons of Jediane

The Sudanese national team gets its nickname from the large bird of prey commonly found in the country.


Nickname: Djurtus

The nickname of the Guinea-Bissau national team is gotten from a type of African wild dog.

Group E


Nickname: Fennecs (Desert Foxes)

The Algerian national team will be hoping to skip their way into another AFCON title. They won the 2019 AFCON after beating Senegal in the final.

Ivory Coast

Nickname: Les Elephants (The Elephants)

The Ivorians will be seeking to barge through the competition.

Sierra Leone

Nickname: The Leone Stars. The Sierra Leonians will be hoping to sparkle at next year’s AFCON.

Equatorial Guinea

Nickname: Nzalang Nationale (National Thunder)

Equatorial Guinea will attempt to strike down their opponents.

Group F


Nickname: Eagles of Carthage

Tunisia will be hoping to stay above the competition.


Nickname: Les Aigles (The Eagles)

The Malian national team will be hoping to take to flight.


Nickname: The Scorpions

The Gambia will be looking to sting their opponents. They are also making their debut at the 2021 AFCON.


Nickname: Lions of Chinguetti

The Mauritanians will be looking to dominate their adversary.

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