12 Weirdest Soccer Mascots Ranked

Super Pepino CD Leganes mascot

When considering the world’s weirdest soccer mascots, one immediately came to mind. However, after digging further, a few other interesting ones rose to the forefront as well, so let’s take a stroll through the world of soccer mascots as we head towards the weirdest one.

Before starting, we should point out that we are referring to mascots that are people in costumes or simply people or animals, not the children who walk out with the players prior to a match’s start.

12. H’Angus the Monkey / Hartlepool United

H'Angus the Monkey Hartlepool United mascot

Actually, H’Angus the Monkey, Hartlepool United’s official mascot, is not all that weird when you look at him. He is a pretty inoffensive- and normal-looking monkey. However, what lies underneath is stunning. 

This is someone who is politically minded and who clearly has a significant number of supporters, winning the mayoral race in Hartlepool, England, in 2002. As a result, the Northern Echo displayed a “Monkey is mayor” headline in the next day’s newspaper, and Stuart Drummond, the person wearing the costume, became the town’s mayor.

11. Timber Joey / Portland Timbers

Timber Joey Portland Timbers mascot

Timber Joey is the only non-costume-wearing human on this list. He is a lumberjack who saws off a wood slab every time the home team put the ball in the back of the net. Later, he gives it to the player who scored that goal. 

This mascot is more interesting than weird, but it does have to be said that having a man cut some wood to celebrate a goal is unique. Timber Jim, who served in this role from 1978-82 and 2001-08, is his predecessor and the original one to do this for the US-based MLS club.

10. Grayou / FC Metz

Grayou FC Metz mascot

This French club’s mascot is weird, for sure, but it also has to be said that it is adorable and not in an excessively cartoonish way. Its history is interesting too. 

This garnet dragon symbolizes Graoullly, a creature that was said to have lived in an amphitheater in the area hundreds of years ago. Grayou is also arguably the most famous soccer mascot in France and is quite popular on social media.

9. Jerboas / Qatar (2011 Asian Cup)

Jerboas Qatar (2011 Asian Cup) mascot

This group of mascots is actually a thing of the past — and that’s a good thing in many people’s minds. They are sort of reminiscent of Teletubbies and they helped promote the 2011 Asian Cup, which was hosted by Qatar, who have since turned their focus to hosting the 2022 World Cup. 

This group of five — a couple and their three children — symbolize a family of jerboas, which are small, fast rodents native to the area.

8. Palmerin / Real Betis

Palmerin Real Betis mascot

Seville, Spain, is home to Palmerin, a palm tree that always has a happy look on its face. Palmerin is the mascot for Real Betis, a club in La Liga. You didn’t know that palm trees could smile? Well, you do now! 

Interestingly, however, despite that smile never changing, its hair does. How bizarre. It being a tree is not necessarily strange, but its overall look is.

7. Xolo Mayor / Club Tijuana

Xolo Mayor Club Tijuana mascot

This is a mascot who you do not want to mess with. Look at those biceps! He would give Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime a run for the money. 

Needless to say, Xolo Mayor intimidates all of the visiting team’s players. Okay, not really. But he has got to be the buffiest mascot in the world. And, even more bizarrely, this Mexican club’s muscular mascot is a Xoloitzcuintle, a breed of hairless dog.

6. Super Pepino / CD Leganes

Super Pepino CD Leganes mascot

Spanish people teach their children at an early age to eat their cucumbers and this mascot is an example of that adage brought to life. 

Actually, that may or may not be true. But Super Pepino is an appropriate mascot for this club, which also has a nickname of the Cucumber Growers (Los Pepineros in Spanish). 

However, simply being a cucumber is not what got this mascot into this list’s top half. Rather, it’s Super Pepino’s facial expression. This may be the happiest mascot on our list, and a joyful cucumber is assured of a high spot.

5. Zakumi / South Africa (2010 World Cup)

Zakumi / South Africa (2010 World Cup)

Zakumi has an interesting combination of being really bizarre-looking but also cool-looking in a way. Sort of. 

If you look at this leopard long enough, he does begin to give you the creeps. There’s just something about his green eyes and his smile, if you can call it that. 

The intent behind the design of this mascot was for him to have “attitude,” which, it has to be admitted, he does. I’m just not sure if it’s the attitude that I’m looking for.

4. Crusty the Pie / Wigan Athletic

Crusty the Pie Wigan Athletic mascot

At grounds throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland, fans often partake in some pie. Wigan Athletic, an English club, takes this sentiment a step forward by having their mascot be a pie. 

And it’s a quite happy pie, judging by the look on its face, although its eyes do appear to be a little sleepy. It must be ready for a post-eating nap. 

Wait, why would the pie be eating?

3. Boiler Man / West Bromwich Albion

Boiler Man West Bromwich Albion mascot

Boiler Man, this English club’s mascot, is representative of an actual boiler, a combi-boiler, to be exact. Yes, someone gets into a boiler costume before West Bromwich Albion‘s matches to do, well, something

Boiler Man has easily earned its spot near the top of this ranking because there aren’t many stranger things that a mascot can be than a boiler. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it was created as a result of a sponsorship deal that was signed between the club and a boiler firm.

2. Iyokanta / Ehime

Iyokanta Ehime mascot

Ehime, a second-tier club in Matsuyama, Japan, has got the world’s angriest looking tangerine as its mascot. Its facial expression is fascinating. 

While looking at it, you are likely to become torn between intense curiosity about its anger and the feeling of wanting to flee. As a result, it’s no surprise that spectators sometimes can’t take their eyes off the mascot and ignore the pitch.

1. Kingsley / Partick Thistle

Kingsley / Partick Thistle

The winner for weirdest soccer mascot was awarded to Partick Thistle, a Scottish club based in Glasgow, on 22 June, 2015, when it was revealed, and it will remain their honor for eternity. 

This “terror mascot” was created by famous Glasgow-based artist David Shrigley, and the intent behind adopting it was to bring attention to the club. 

That has in fact been accomplished, it has to be said, and it’s clear that the club adheres to the saying that any press is good press.

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