Soccer in the United States of America has continued to grow in popularity and acceptance since they hosted the FIFA World Cup in 1994.

Professional football clubs and associations have sprung up all across the country, from the city centers to suburban areas in various states around America.

Michigan State is an example of a place with a thriving soccer culture. Michigan is a state in the United States of America in the Great Lakes region of the upper Midwestern United States. 

This North Eastern state is home to many football clubs. Today we will profile some of the top soccer clubs in Michigan.

1. Detroit City FC

Detroit City FC soccer clubs in Michigan

Detroit City is a professional soccer club based in the Michigan state capital of the same name.

The Le Rouge, as they are nicknamed, is a 10-year-old club that plays in the American second tier called the United States League Championship.

Their home ground is the Keyworth Stadium in Hamtramck, Michigan. The current manager of the team is former Ipswich Town player Trevor James. 

Detroit also has a female team that plays in the USL Women’s League, plus academies and other youth teams active in their host community. 

Their jersey color is a wine/rouge shade. 

Detroit City FC are also six-time winners of the Rust Belt Derby (RBD) — a soccer derby that is contested between Detroit City FC, FC Buffalo, and AFC Cleveland in the National Premier Soccer League.

2. Detroit Besa (now Drits SC)

Detroit Besa is a lower division soccer club based in Hamtramck, a suburb of Detroit, and is one of the oldest soccer clubs in Michigan.

The club was founded in 1974 to cater to the Albanian-American community in Metro Detroit. 

For many years they competed in state-wide competitions within the Michigan state area. 

They also participated in the defunct National Soccer League in the early 1980s.

The club’s name was later changed to Drita SC and still currently competes in the Michigan Premier Soccer League.

3. Detroit United 

Detroit United is a semi-professional side based in Detroit, Michigan. 

They were founded in 2002 by George Juncaj, a former soccer player of Montenegrin descent. 

They currently play in the 5th tier of American football and the Michigan Premier Soccer League. 

They play in an all-red kit with white socks and play their home games in the Bicentennial Park, Livonia, Michigan.

4. Detroit Vardar

Detroit Vardar is another Michigan-based club that plays mostly in the amateur ranks.

They compete in Canada’s National Soccer League (NSL).

They were founded in 1972 and, like other cultural clubs, catered to the Macedonian-American community in Detroit at the time.

Vardar won a few local state-wide competitions and still competes in the Michigan Premier Soccer League.

5. Muskegon Risers 

Risers are an American amateur side based in Muskegon, Michigan. 

They were founded in 2014 and currently competes in the National Premier Soccer League. 

They play their home matches at the Kehren stadium.

Their jersey color is a light green shirt on neon green shorts with black socks. 



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