Top 5 Football Clubs in Luxembourg 

Jeunesse Esch football club in luxembourg


Luxembourg is a small landlocked country located in Western Europe. The Grand Duchy is bordered by three countries, namely Germany to the east, Belgium to the west and north while France is at its southern flank. Luxembourg also boasts of a small population of about 633,622 people, w.hich is no surprise given the relatively small size of their territory. Like most countries all over the world, football is a widely followed sport in this ancient European kingdom. Various Luxembourgish football clubs compete in different competitions within the country. Today we highlight some of the best clubs that ply their trade in this picturesque European nation.

1. Jeunesse Esch

Jeunesse Esch football club in luxembourg

Jeunesse is a football club based in the southwestern part of the country called Esch-Sur-Alzette. They were founded in 1907 and compete in the Luxembourg National Division. They are the division’s most successful team, having won the title a record 29 times. Esch has also won the Luxembourg Cup 13 times. They have also competed for a couple of times in the qualifying rounds of the UEFA Europa League.

It is worthy to note that Jeunesse Esch is the only club from Luxembourg to have reached the second round of the European Cup. The club achieved that feat twicd, both under the headship of George Berry in the early years of the European competition.

2. F91 Dudelange

F91 is another top Luxembourgish club side based in Dudelange, the town from which it gets its name. Founded 30 years ago, the club is a result of a merger between three clubs, namely Alliance Dudelange, US Dudelange, and Stade Dudelange. The small-town club, in its small history, has been able to achieve some level of success. They have won the National Division and Cup 14 and 8 times, respectively. In Europe, they were the first Luxembourg side to qualify for the group stages of any UEFA competition when they made it to Group F of the Europa League for the 2018/2019 season.

3. CA Spora Luxembourg

Spora is another Luxembourg club with a proud history. Founded in 1923, the Luxembourg City-based side is one of the most well-known sides in this small European country. CA merged with two other clubs in 2005 to become Racing FC Union Luxembourg. They won the National division an impressive 11 times and have clinched the cup on 8 occasions. They have also been involved from time to time in qualifiers for European club competitions.

4. CS Fola Esch

Fola is the oldest football club in Luxembourg. Founded 115 years ago, the National Division Champions have won the league on 8 occasions and the cup 3 times during their long and illustrious history. CS Fola Esch play their home games at Stade Émile Mayrisch.

5. FA Red Boys Differdange

Red Boys is another one of the grand old clubs of Luxembourg. They are based in the town bearing the same club’s name. They have won the league title 6 times. In the cup competition, they have faired even better, winning it a humongous 15 times. The club recently merged with FC Differdange 03.

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