Top 5 Best Android Football Games

Top 5 Best Android Football Games

Football is a very popular game and the most-watched in the world of sports. There is quite a large number of leagues, teams, and players around the world.

Before the advent of android phones, football games could only be downloaded from mobile sites like Waptrick on phones that have Java. There are now various football games, both online and offline, that can be played on android platforms, here as the five best android football games.

Top 5 Best Android Football Games

1. FIFA Mobile Soccer

FIFA Mobile Soccer

FIFA mobile soccer is one of the best football game for android. The game.has beautiful graphics and gameplay. It features season mode with different teams and leagues to select from. Developed by Electronic Arts (EA), FIFA soccer comes with live event themes which have recent event daily uploaded on it. More than 30 leagues, 650 teams and 17, 000 players give you the chance to select your favorite players and teams. You can also choose your team and decide who goes onto the pitch.

2. Pro Evolution Soccer

Pro Evolution Soccer

Pro evolution is FIFA’s number one rival on mobile, and it appears they have taken their rivalry from PlayStation and Xbox to android phones. PES is developed by KONAMI, and you can select different play modes, from World Cup to Nations Cup, Champions League, League Cup and more. It also boasts of stunning graphics and fantastic gameplay. The controls are simple to understand and use. The game allows you to customize your team, and you can make a blend of former players and current ones.

3. Dream League Soccer

Dream League Soccer is one of the most downloaded soccer on android. It allows users to build and manage their teams. It comes with six divisions where you start from the lowest division and get promoted to the next one if you win the previous division. The game becomes intense as you move up the division. You can also play friendly matches and organize training sessions.

4. Soccer Hero

Score Hero
Score Hero

Unlike the previous three games, soccer hero only allows you to be in control of a single player. On this game, you are the professional player that must develop his skills and up to his game. Depending on your skill and performance, the manager can use you either as a substitute or a starter. There are more than 660 levels to play in the game. The app is constantly updated by its developers.

5. Soccer Stars

Soccer stars present users good graphics, and it features offline and online multiplayer and simple gameplay. Though it is fun to play, however, contrary to its name, it features no real player. You can play it online against your friends. It is an amazing game that you will be addicted to.

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