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How Do Soccer Contracts Work?

How Do Soccer Contracts Work?
Cristiano Ronaldo signs of Man United 2021

The soccer contract of today’s modern professional football player has become increasingly lucrative due to the popularity and big financial investment that the sport has been able to attract. Nowadays, it is the big dream of every young aspiring soccer star to sign multiple million-dollar contracts with a club that could guarantee instant relief from poverty for himself and their family. It is important; however, for every footballer to know what is in their contract, and how it will affect them in the long run. So how exactly do football contracts work?

What is a soccer contract?

How Do Soccer Contracts Work?
Cristiano Ronaldo signs of Man United 2021

Soccer Contracts are mandatory agreements between a professional footballer and a club side. These legally binding documents detail the obligations, terms, and conditions that parties to the contract i.e player and club will have to follow to enjoy the benefits stated in the contract. This agreement states that a player will exclusively feature and represent his team in various competitions. In return the club pays an agreed fee and/or bonus of the player, as well as cover his medical expenses should injuries arise when on duty for his club. The contract before it’s signed off has to be negotiated, scrutinized, and agreed on by all parties, which include the player, his current club, and prospective new club. The contract is a legal document recognized by law binding on all parties and as such enforceable.

Details of a contracts 

Football contracts usually contain details listing out how much will be due to the player eg. Salary, bonuses, and other monies as a result of commercial involvement with the club. Details regarding agent fees will also be noted, as well as, financial settlements for former clubs, academies, etc. The contract will also spell out the player’s obligations to the club both on and off the pitch. The soccer contract usually has a time frame of not more than 5 years.

How do contracts end?

Contracts, as stated earlier, are legally binding documents breach of it by any of the parties is grounds for termination or a lawsuit. The only way to exit a contract legally is to wait till the time it elapses or reach a mutual with the other party to terminate it. A lot of players have in the past unfortunately signed contracts that weren’t in their favor, but are forced to obey anyway. It is highly recommended that a player should always have legal representation alongside his agent when negotiating a football contract to ensure the final terms and agreements are acceptable to them.


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