What do footballers do after retirement?

Eric Cantona What do footballers do after retirement?

After the end of their careers, not all footballers find themselves in the coaching field or as club functionaries. There are also quite a large number of other, unusual cases, which we propose to talk about.

Even such cool players as Ronaldo and Messi will end their careers in a few years. Who will replace them? Who will compete for the best player status for many years in a row? Mbappe, Haaland or someone else? Try live betting on the matches of your favorite players now.

Many professional football players, after finishing their careers, are faced with a rather difficult question: what to do next? It is good when you have received a coaching diploma in advance and you have the ability to manage the younger generation. But what if you don’t pull on the coaching bridge, and you didn’t manage to accumulate so much money during playing football to live happily ever after? And, it happens, and there is money, and I could become a coach, but I just want to open up new opportunities and facets in myself. Let’s talk about former footballers who are completely different in terms of their level of fame and skill, who at the end of their careers chose interesting and not so interesting occupations and professions.

Vinnie Jones, John Carew and Eric Cantona became actors

Eric Cantona What do footballers do after retirement?

All three of these players are united by the fact that they became actors at the end of their careers. No, just like that, many other players, including Zinedine Zidane and Lucas Podolski, shone in the cinema at different times, but this trio really decided to make a name for themselves in the cinema and, at least in the case of Vinnie Jones, we can already talk about tremendous success. The former famous football hooligan perfectly fit into the image of a harsh and brutal hero for Guy Ritchie’s films (“Lock, Stock, Two Trunks” and “Big Jackpot”, for example), and then began acting for other directors. As for Cantona and Carew, their careers are not yet so advanced, and John only recently made his debut in a new role for himself – we talked about this on the site, by the way.

George Weah and Kakha Kaladze became politicians

The legendary players of Milan in the past are now seriously involved in politics. Weah – so he hardly became the president of his native Liberia! As for Kakhaber, now he holds the high post of Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of Georgia. There were other examples of how football players went into politics – for example, another ex-Milan player Andriy Shevchenko did not try himself for a long time in this role, and Brazilian Romario and Turk Hakan Shukur are still trying to realize themselves in the service of society.

Many footballers also became football pundits, while others become successful businessmen. There are some successful footballers who own football clubs.

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