Soccer Strength: Exercises That Will Help You Increase Your Power

Exercises That Will Help You Increase Your Power

It is crucial for every soccer player to develop power. Soccer is a sport that requires a combination of power, agility, speed, strength, and some technical skills. A skillful player who lacks speed, strength, and explosiveness will only be warming the bench instead of playing on the field. As a soccer player, you need to find a balance in your exercises in order to be an all-around player. This can be achieved through strength training. When you work on developing power in your game, you will have speed, endurance, and agility. Your productivity on the field will be at a different level. Regardless of the position you play, you need to do workouts that will increase your power and strength.

Exercises That Will Help You Increase Your Power

Below are some of the best exercises that can help improve your soccer power.


Trap bar deadlifts

Trap bar deadlifts are a better option when compared to traditional deadlifts. This is because you do not exert unnecessary tension or strain on your lower back. This way, you reduce the risk of suffering injuries while improving your lower body strength. The exercise is done by standing in the middle of a trap bar with your knees shoulder-width apart. Lower your hips and hold both handles. Keep your chest upright and your head forward. Using your heels to push up, stand up with the weights. Push your hips forward till you are standing up, and then go back down to the starting position. You can do sets of 7-10 reps. It is important to listen to your body to avoid overdoing this exercise. Speaking of enhancing your strength, you can also consider including some steroids in your routine. You can buy steroids online at 120kgs shop to help you recover and boost your strength.

Barbell back squats

Barbell back squats

Just like the trap bar deadlifts, the barbell back squats also help improve your lower body strength. In addition, your hips will become more flexible, which is very important for any soccer player. These squats also help improve your leg strength and power. The exercise is done by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, the squat bar resting on your shoulders. While keeping your head and chest up and your hips back, lower your body down slowly by hinging your knees towards the ground. Stop the moment your hips are just below your knees. Go back to your original position and repeat the procedure. Do 3 sets of 10 reps.

Bench press

This is an exercise that will help develop your upper body strength. You can have excellent lower body strength, but pushing through defenders can be difficult if you have not worked on your upper body strength. Doing this bench press exercise helps build both your chest muscles and triceps, which will, in turn, improve your pushing strength. Lie down on a bench with a bar resting on the rack directly above your eyes. Hold the bar with both hands, ensuring your grip is firm and that your wrists are straight. Un-rack the bar by pushing it up, and move it above your shoulders. Lower the bar to your chest, and then lift it straight into the air. Lock your elbows when you are at the top of the movement.  


You can improve your soccer strength by doing some workouts, such as trap bar deadlifts, barbell back squats, and bench presses. These exercises will help you to improve your power, agility, and strength, thus becoming a better soccer player. You can find out some things to know before buying a football boot

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