4 Best Soccer Players Who Moved to MLS from Europe

David Beckham LA Galaxy

There have been many footballers in the past who wished to experience what it felt like to perform in front of the North American and South American football fans, but not everyone made the cut. While there are a good number of successful footballers from different parts of the world who delivered excellent performances in America, we decided to specifically focus on 4 best soccer players who move to MLS from Europe, after a long and successful career of their own.

Zlatan Ibrahimovich – LA Galaxy

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Although Gerard, Villa, Pirlo, Henry, Beckham, and others made their own mark on the MLS, no one has been as big as Zlatan. The striker of the Swedish national football team chose MLS to give the finishing touches to his career and every soccer lover in the US thanks him for that. Only Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have managed to better Zlatan in the last 20 years. He is easily the best player that MLS could have laid their hands on. And the striker is proving his worth week after week at LA Galaxy. Here’s all the latest on Zlatan that you wanted to know about.

David Beckham – LA Galaxy

David Beckham LA Galaxy

Among the first few European players who moved to the Major League Soccer in the US, David Beckham did it in the later years of his football career. In fact, at that time he was the most important player from Europe to become a part of an MLS team. His stature was such that he was a well-known face in every part of the world, including the United States. It didn’t come as a surprise when he decided to extend his stay in the US even after hanging up his boots. The impact of Beckham was so great on LA Galaxy that they won the MLS Cup two straight years in 2011 and 2012. Nowadays the legendary English player is putting together his own club in Miami, which is all set to make its MLS debut next year.

Thierry Henry – NY Red Bulls

After enjoying a highly rewarding football career in the English Premier League, Thierry Henry decided to all skills, acquaint the Major Soccer League with his amazing football skills; despite the fact that he was already in his veteran years when he made the move and didn’t have the same old speed, Thierry still managed to give quite a few lessons in football to the team’s rivals. Although he didn’t win the MLS with the Red Bulls, he certainly had a major impact on the game while being in New York. Thierry also played an instrumental role in reviving soccer in the United States.

Andrea Pirlo – New York City FC

Best Soccer Players Who Moved to MLS from Europe

Another one amongst the great footballers who decided to move to the MLS, Andrea Pirlo, had a fairly successful time at the New York City FC. He could be constantly seen giving masterclasses on how to play football during his stint with the Big Apple. Having managed to make it to the MLS playoffs two times, it’s a pity that Andrea couldn’t win the trophy even once. Nevertheless, he still made a significant impact on US football with his class. Also counted amongst the most elegant footballers from Europe, the New York City fans swear by his abilities on the football pitch even today.

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