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Football struggles to return

Belgium’s government decided to relax lockdown rules. After a bunch of months without watching any live football performance, we just think that the return would be a successful one and that this return has been something many people waiting for. Not until you come to Belgium’s national stadium do you know that such a return is a difficult one?

It is not easy at all for live football to return
It is not easy at all for live football to return. Source:

I am a football fan and love going to the stadium to watch live football matches. After the lockdown, I decided to watch the performance between Belgium and Ivory Coast at King Baudouin stadium. I just cannot hide my excitement to watch live football again after a quite long time.

It has been a long time since we have had a chance to see a live football performance in front of a big crowd. I was expecting something exciting in the match: the crackle of anticipation, the murmur of the crowd, the chanting and singing, and the sheer chaotic spontaneity – this is what I hope to see. It was something exciting and happy just to imagine. 

It turns out it is just my imagination and that I was expecting too much. The chance I hoped for came, and Belgium had a match against Ivory Coast. It is a friendly game at the famous King Baudouin, which is in the north of the city. At normal times, this stadium could hold more than 50,000 fans. There were 11,000 tickets about to be sold to football fans.

However, one thing that we forgot is that it is not a normal time and a normal match. The rate of COVID-19 cases in Brussels has seen its increase since the match was scheduled. Intensive care beds are filling up with patients like what it used to be in the middle of the disease. On the day before the live football match, the city announced the closure of all bars and cafes.

I told myself that it was too dangerous to sit at a local café and have a cup of coffee on my own. What about thousands of football fans gathering up in the stadium? How risky the situation was.

Despite this, we decided to go to the stadium after such a long time without watching live football. We arrived at the national stadium when the rain was tumbling from the sky in big heavy sheets. This sort of weather can make you get drenched in moments. We witnessed the team buses driving past and going straight into the stadium through a huge gate, stopping next to the pitch, allowing football players to walk straight into the changing room.

Football fans came in dribs and drabs. Things were not only because people avoided going out when they were not sure about the COVID-19 situation in the region but also because each ticket was printed with a different arrival time. By allocating a large number of football fans coming to this live football, a surge of crowds is avoided.

Inside the stadium, family members and couples could sit together, of course with strict social distancing rules. I spoke to many football fans, and they were like me: calm about coming to the stadium. The other football fans told me that the precautions imposed upon fans had eased all concerns considering the social distancing. They were aware of all the social distancing rules and would respect all the rules. Also, when coming to this stadium for live football performances, the football fans also expressed that “if they say it is safe then I believe them.”

We have to maintain social distancing during the match
We have to maintain social distancing during the match. Source:

Talking with a woman, she said that she felt good to get back to doing something normal after seven months in which Belgium in general and Brussels, in particular, were seriously affected by the coronavirus.

For me, football is such a miracle sport with the ability to take us away from the travails of our normal lives. This made us – football lovers – missed it so much when it was taken away.

Something about the live football match. Watching live football was just amazing – like what it used to be. Honestly, this was a lackluster game between a Belgium reserve team and an Ivory Coast side going through the emotions. The pleasure and happiness of watching footballs, enjoying the minutiae of tactics and tackles were still there. Even when bellow for a goal reverberated around the ground and the jeers for a dive were loud, this giant national stadium was just sparsely populated.

From very first glance, you can witness that there were not 11,000 people in there. Of all 11,000 tickets on sale, 6,200 tickets were sold to football lovers, and there were just 4,600 people turning up at the stadium, as I witnessed.

So if you are asking whether live football returns to normality, the answer would be “no, not really.” While many football lovers are so excited about coming to the stadium and watching live football performances during strange times, most of them are just so nervous to come back.

Only 40% of the seats that could be used were actually occupied. And about 25% of the people who did buy tickets did not turn up. The football match was just a friendly game. The weather was poor. However, these were not the main factor keeping me away from live football at a stadium. The pandemic has not been over yet, so in their mind, most football fans think that if we were told that it was not safe to go to a café, so what about a football match? We love it, but does it worth putting your health at risk just to watch live football performances?

Football is just one of the sectors affected by the spreading of coronavirus. According to many professionals, the current pandemic is likely to witness an end of the massive inflation of football transfer fees. Many clubs are facing financial threats, making it harder and harder to maintain the structure of the clubs. How can they think about massive deals to attract talents? All aspects of the football industry are expected to change to adapt to the current situation, and it could take 10 years to get where we were.

However, in some parts of the world, tournaments are still allowed. But how to watch football? Do not worry, connect to the internet and visit the live football website to watch good matches like English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, World Cup … With the cold weather of winter combined with Covid-19 has not improved yet, you should stay at home watching Bach Tuoc TV online football to stay in the best health.


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