Is This the End for Mikel Arteta at Arsenal?

Mikel Arteta Arsenal

Predicting what might happen to Mikel Arteta at Arsenal is anybody’s guess at this present moment, as there is a huge cloud of uncertainty forming over north London.

Whilst their north London rivals, Tottenham Hotspur, decided to absurdly act by sacking Jose Mourinho before a League Cup final, the Gunners have had a poor campaign and look set to wait until the end of the season before making any decision on their former player’s future as a manager.

Of course, things clearly have not gone right for Arteta or Arsenal this season on and off the pitch, which is why questions about whether he should remain in the hotseat at the Emirates Stadium have started to arise ahead of the next campaign.

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Mikel Arteta Arsenal

Reasons why Arteta’s time at Arsenal is up

Unfortunately for Arteta, there are a number of reasons as to why his time at Arsenal should be considered done and why the Gunners should look to try and replace him once the current campaign comes to an end.

The clearest indicator is in regards to their poor performances in the English Premier League this season. The Gunners started off well, however they fell away and looked a sinking ship at times throughout the campaign. With just a few games left to play, their chances of playing in Europe next season is in serious jeopardy, which once upon a time would have been unimaginable for the London outfit.

Speaking of European football, many were left feeling that Arteta was to blame for their exit in the 2020/21 UEFA Europa League semi-final to former manager, Unai Emery’s Villarreal side. Many supporters were left seething with his team selection for the first leg, which is the game that ultimately cost them their place in a competition many would have fancied them to win, or at least reach the final.

Indeed, whilst reaching the semi-final of a European club competition might be something worth praising, the fact that Arsenal have reached it three times in the last four years shows that progress has not been made and that they continue to fall short.

Having spent 16 months in the job at the Emirates Stadium already, it would appear hard to provide him with solid reasons as to why he should stay.

Reasons Arsenal should stick with Arteta

Although it might be hard to stick up for Arteta, that does not mean there are not reasons as to why he should stay in charge of the club.

Everyone continues to stress that football managers need time, and whilst 16 months could be argued to be plenty, there is a growing feeling that he has finally found a way of football that might actually work. Indeed, there have been moments were they have gone backwards, however there have been times were they looked like the Arsenal of old.

Furthermore, the Gunners managed to win the FA Cup and the FA Community Shield under his guidance, which were accomplishments as they went up against a Chelsea and a Liverpool side that many would have fancied over the Londoners.

There will be some that will also leap to the defence of Arteta and say he has not been backed by the owners when trying to make his own stamp on the squad in the transfer market. Of course, players have arrived however other than Thomas Partey and Gabriel, each of them have been on temporary deals.


Anyone’s guess as to whether Arteta remains at Arsenal

As it can be seen, it is simply anyone’s guess as to whether Arteta is still at Arsenal beyond the current campaign. The only thing that we would say for certain is that things need to improve pretty quickly, otherwise there is no doubt his head will be on the chopping block sooner rather than later.

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