Top 6 Football Players with The Most Scandals

One of the most infamous bad boys in football bong da truc tuyen hom nay

They are very talented but have a lot of scandals in football. Diego Maradona, Eric Cantona, Paul Gascoigne, Luis Suarez, and Mario Balotelli are considered the most bizarre stars among football stars.
They are famous players for their outstanding football talents but are notorious for their behaviors on the pitch and in real life. They bite the opponent, hit the referee, fight with teammates, coaches, and fans.

Among them, there are also those who were involved in illegal activities and had time to be in jail. These talented but notorious footballers below will help you to change your mind about football players.

Top Football Players with The Most Scandals

1. Luis Suarez

Suarez bites Chiellini
Suarez bites his opponent on the pitch  tructiepbongda

In 2010, Suarez was named Dutch Footballer of the Year, finishing the season with the top scorer title with 35 goals (49 goals on all fronts).
When talking about Suarez, people always remember his goals and scandals. One of them is the racial affair with Patrice Evra of Manchester United in 2011.
Suarez was convicted, received an 8-match suspension, and fined £ 40,000. Earlier, Suarez had a “previous conviction” when fighting with his teammate Albert Luque at Ajax Amsterdam in2009.

In the 2010 World Cup quarter-final, Suarez deliberately used his hand to catch the ball, preventing striker Asamoah Gyan from scoring for Ghana in the final minute of the second extra time.
But Suarez’s most infamous is biting his opponents, not just one but three times. The first case occurred in October 2010, when he bit defender Otman Bakkal of PSV.
Suarez was suspended for seven matches because of that behavior. Three years later, while playing for Liverpool, he bit defender Branislav Ivanovic in the match against Chelsea, leading to a suspension of 10 matches.
Suarez’s third victim is Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini, in the first round of 2014 FIFA World Cup. This time, he left the teeth mark on the victim’s shoulder and received a four-month ban to play in the international matches.
With his consecutive biting “achievement”, Suarez deserves to be number one in the top 5 “bad boy” of world football.

2. Diego Maradona

Diego Armando Maradona (born October 30, 1960, in Buenos Aires) is a former Argentine footballer.
He attended 4 World Cups and received many honorable titles, including the Player of the Century title voted by the online audiences and ranked 2nd in the list of World’s 100 Best Players of the Twentieth Century after Pelé.
He is honored as God in Argentina and loved in many parts of the world. Also, Maradona is known for his ugly tricks and behaviors.
One of the tricks led to the famous goal of “The Hand of God” in the 1986 World Cup. Maradona jumped to punch the ball into the net with his left hand.

This goal was recognized, Argentina 2-1 victory over England in the quarterfinals. After the match, Maradona uttered a saying that reminds people: “I scored with my head and God’s hand.”
In 1994, Maradona and Argentina went to the United States to attend the 1994 World Cup. However, he was detected to use doping after doping test and was not allowed to play in that World Cup, accompanied by a 15-month suspension.
During his time with Barcelona and Napoli, Maradona also had trouble with cocaine addiction. After retiring in 1997, Maradona had many health problems due to drug abuse.

3. Mario Balotelli

One of the most infamous bad boys in football bong da truc tuyen hom nay

One of the most infamous bad boys in football

Mario Balotelli Barwuah (born August 12, 1990) is a Ghanaian Italian striker who plays for the Marseille Club and the Italy national football team.
Former Manchester City player Balotelli has faced a number of punishments. Balotelli is often in trouble because of his bizarre behaviors and temperament. He always acts without caring about the consequences.
In 2010, Balotelli had an argument with Jose Mourinho, who was Inter Milan coach at that time. During his time playing for Inter Milan, he wore the shirt of rival AC Milan to attend a live television show.
This “bad boy” then moved to City where he threw darts at a player in his first season in England. In Man City, Balotelli did not respect anyone. He even fought with coach Roberto Mancini and fought with his teammates during a training day.
In October 2010, Balotelli and his brother were interrogated by police when driving into a female prison. Balotelli explained for his actions that he just wanted to consider how life is in prison.
A year later, Balotelli scored against M.U in the derby. He took his shirt off to show his happiness, inside the words “Why always me?”. The day after the derby, Balotelli continued to celebrate by burning firecrackers in the bathroom.

4. Eric Cantona

Eric Cantona had a glorious career at Manchester United. He is also known as a stubborn person who doesn’t pay attention to the consequences.
The most infamous is that he once “kungfu” to a Crystal Palace fan in 1995 when he had to get out the pitch for receiving a red card.
Cantona was sentenced to 2 weeks in prison. However, he successfully appealed and only had 120 hours of public service. Even so, he was banned from playing for 8 months from F.A and paid a fine of 2-week salary for the club.
In the first years of his career in Auxerre, Cantona also punched a teammate in the face. This French legend then had to get suspended and fined.
Another Cantona’s scandal is to throw a ball at a referee, and it leads to a three-month ban.

5. Paul Gascoigne

Paul John Gascoigne (born January 27, 1967, in Dunston, England), also known as Gazza. He is the English football midfielder who has retired. He is a player with a good observation on the pitch and is said to be one of the talented midfielders of his generation.
Paul Gascoigne is a legend of English football. On the pitch, people always remember him with technical and high-speed ball control. However, Gascoigne is also frequently known for his problems, not related to football.
After retiring, Gascoigne struggled with alcohol and drug addiction. He was repeatedly arrested for driving while drunk and possessing drugs. Gascoigne has been taken to rehabilitation centers many times, but he didn’t change anything.
Also because of addiction, he was fired by Kettering Town Club in 2005, while working as the coach of this team.


6. Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo

Whether you love or hate Cristiano Ronaldo, you have to agree that he’s one of the greatest footballers in history.

If you have a lot of money, there will certainly be many girls pursuing you. And Cristiano Ronaldo is a man full of money and fame, so it is not difficult to have a long list of hot girls wanting to become his girlfriends.

It is no wonder that this Portuguese person loves many famous models. Ronaldo’s son is also the result of a one-night stand that he insists on keeping secret.

For these above “achievement,” Ronaldo is considered one of the greatest lady-killer in the world.

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