Football might be the most popular sport on the planet, but at key times interest is piqued around the world.

Usually, that is around the time of an international tournament, such as the World Cup, or the upcoming event in Europe, the Euro 2021. At these times, casual fans become more invested as their country competes, and even non-football fans can get drawn in. 2021 is packed with excitement, with not only Euro 2020, but a Copa America, the Olympic tournaments and the CONCACAF Gold Cup in North America.

That will see casual fans become interested in football, and more committed fans turning to their video games and mobile devices to further experience the true festival of football. Video games have become a big part of being a football fan, whether playing FIFA 21 through the year or turning to PES 21 and their official Euro 2020 license in the summer. On mobile devices, there are more football-themed games than ever before, and in those moments between matches fans can do anything and everything they desire virtually.

So with that in mind, we are going to look at some of the most popular types of football-themed games you can enjoy on your mobile.

Match Action

The most obvious type of football game out there is one that puts you in charge of the action. Once upon a time, the match action game was common on consoles and there was an awful lot of choice. Nowadays, you can only really choose PES or FIFA, but on mobile, it is much like the good old days! PES and FIFA have a presence, the former being one of the best titles, but other strong titles such as Super Soccer Champs offer a great experience without the licensing


Football Manager 21 is one of the most up-to-date and realistic management simulations out there according to Goal, and on mobile, there are two options. FM 21 Touch has more features, whilst FM21 Mobile offers a watered-down version of the game. Both put you in the dugout, not on the pitch, and draw heavily on the popular management genre. There are other good titles on mobile too, such as Pocket League Story 2 from Kairosoft. They specialize in simulators, with Boxing Gym Story and Burger Bistro Story amongst their other offerings, which gives their title a unique mobile feel, rather than being a port from a console game.

Online Slots

Online slots are hugely popular and developers offer a wide range of titles pulling themes from all aspects of pop culture. One such genre of game is football, where familiar images and brands are used in the online slot setting. Blueprint games have titles such as Maradona Hyperways and Hattrick Heroes, both of which trade heavily on recognised football brands and themes, and they are not alone in a busy marketplace. The slot developer is well known within the industry for producing iconic titles with real-life branding. Foxy Games explain how they also converted the famous 1996 film Mars Attacks, demonstrating their versatility within the sector. The Maradona slot is another great example of Blueprint adapting a specific brand to the online slot genre, rather than more generic footballs, shinpads and yellow cards being used. If one looks hard enough, branded slots can be found based on real clubs as well such as Celtic, Real Madrid and Manchester United.


Football is all about trivia. Which international side is nicknamed the Super Eagles? Who plays at Anfield? Which player was the first to be sent off in a World Cup Final? Football fans love to test their knowledge and football trivia games can be found in their hundreds on mobile devices. Some, such as Football Pics Quiz App are a little different, purely offering badges and pictures as the source material, whilst others such as Football Quiz by Peaksel delivers a more quiz-based experience.

Football Games on Mobile Devices

Other Genres

There are plenty of other genres of football games available to gamers. Puzzle games are a mobile staple, with the likes of Candy Crush and Tetris still popular to this day. If you are a football fan who wants a brain-taxing puzzler that demands you have ‘just one more go’, then there are options available to you. Block Soccer Brick Football is a typical block game that draws comparisons with Space Invaders but using a football theme. There are also lots of runner games, such as Cristiano Ronaldo: Kick’n’Run which do not feature match action, but instead lean on a tried and tested method for their inspiration. The runner is a puzzler of sorts, avoiding pitfalls and collecting coins on the way.


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